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Let us not mention the contribution of international students to the Malaysia economy at this juncture as I want to focus on aspects or issues that are beyond the monetary in this entry. That is, I want to focus on to what extent Malaysia has been successful in leveraging international education as a vital part of 21st century diplomacy. Admittedly, we send undergraduates, graduate students, administrators, faculty, and researchers on short and long-term programs abroad but what is more important and pertinent question to ask is: what are the impacts of our programs on students and scholars from abroad in Malaysian education system?

Another question that beg some answers: Malaysia education institutions are implementing internationalisation-related activities such as international student mobility, but are these institutions themselves internationalised in its leadership, governance and management arrangement, curriculum content and pedagogy?

This strategic planning document addresses the internationalisation of higher education and not international education. The NHESP fleetingly touched on the aims and objectives of international education by way of the benefits of international exposure and experience. Promoting the establishment of Malaysian branches of foreign universities in Malaysia is widely regarded by policy makers as one element of international education.

If we examined international education from more recent government documents, in particular the recently launched Malaysia Education Blueprint, , it is stated that:.

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At another level, the International Schools, which use international curriculum such as the British, American, Australian, Canadian, or International Baccalaureate programmes, sourced their teachers from abroad. The prioritised segments identified above complement the regional education hub, which is the thrust for the NHESP. There is no direct and clear statement in the Malaysia Education Blueprint, Higher Education , with respect to UNESCO guidelines on international education and the outcome for the students in a highly interconnected but at the same time highly divisive world.

Arguably, we need to re-orientate our efforts towards international understanding, citizenship and mutual rather than soft power diplomacy Knight, The term international education has yet to acquire a single, consistent meaning.

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We may achieve the targets set for in terms of international student enrolment in our education system, but what about the real aims and objectives of international education, which is to realise international understanding among nations. In the case of Malaysia, where economic development is of top priority, we need to seriously think in terms of the economic impetus for better intercultural understanding.

Nothing much could move forward in the Malaysian context unless and until there are clear economic impetus for any initiatives coming out of the higher education institutions. ARUM, S. A Taxonomy of International Education of U. International Schools Journal 11 Springs: 27— Neville Postlethwaite, eds. Oxford: Pergamon Press. Journal of Research in International Education 3: — International Schools Journal 15 1 : 13— Oxford Review of Education 21 3 : — Oxford: Pergamon.

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What is International Education? Malaysia Education Blueprint, Putrajaya: Ministry of Education. OED Hykin, J. I Indermit S. Gill, Fred Fluitman and Amit Dar eds. Employability in the Global Economy. How Training Matters. Geneva : ILO. India: Kluwer Academic Publishers.

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Kim, H. Koike, K. Inoki eds. Kiong, W. Kuruvilla, S. Leonor M. Loewenstein, Mark A. Mansour, Kamla M. Mishra Arun K. Mitchell ,Ayse G. Moore, M. Tait, eds. Rubery, J. Ryan, P. CESO Paperback2. C: World Bank San,G.

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Smith, Andrew ed. Public Interest Statement Business education has come a long way, from its roots in vocational education; and is now becoming an essential part of the school curriculum. Business education: Academic or vocational? Academic vs. Integration of academic and vocational education As noted in the previous discussion, the academic and vocational divide with respect to business education is a poorly defined dichotomy. What needs to be done 4. Business education as an integration of academic and vocational education Should business education continue to be treated as merely preparation for support roles in business, preparing students for repetitive, low-wage employment, or should it be a part of general education?

A better linkage between subjects Curricula for any level of education cannot be formed in a vacuum, and each level of education should link up with the previous and the following ones. Continuous professional development Business educators have an expanding leadership and planning role in educational circles.

Research Because of its association with vocational education, business education has been marginalised and stigmatised as being inferior to general education Brand, Conclusion The secondary curriculum in Hong Kong has been in a state of rapid, continuous change since the beginning of the new millennium.

Funding Funding. The author received no direct funding for this research. References Al-Sagheer, A.

World Yearbook of Education 1987: Vocational Education

The role of business education at the K level: Faculty perceptions on establishing a business education department in the college of basic education at the public authority for applied education and training. Factors influencing success inintegrating the four-year business school curriculum: Implications for business educators. Delta Pi Epsilon Journal , 52 , 4— Athens: University of Georgia. Research in business education.

Journal of Education for Business , 63 , — An introduction to the economics of education. Harmondsworth: Penguin. Supporting high quality career and technical education through federal and state policy. American Youth Policy Forum.

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  6. The new vocationalism: A policy for inequality. Coles Ed. Milton Keynes: Open University Press.

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    Saskatchewan: University of Regina. Prospects for the implementation of assessment for learning. Opinions of Morris county executives toward selected issues in business education. Business Education Observer p. Syllabus for Commerce, secondary Hong Kong: The Education Department.