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But come now, ye people, scatter, each one of you to his own lands. As for this fellow, Mentor and Halitherses will speed his journey, for they are friends of his father's house from of old. They then scattered, each one to his own house; and the wooers went to the house of divine Odysseus. So then shall this journey of thine be neither vain nor unfulfilled. But if thou art not the son of him and of Penelope, [] then I have no hope that thou wilt accomplish thy desire. Few sons indeed are like their fathers; most are worse, few better than their fathers.

But since neither hereafter shalt thou be a base man or a witless, nor has the wisdom of Odysseus wholly failed thee, [] there is therefore hope that thou wilt accomplish this work. Now then let be the will and counsel of the wooers—fools, for they are in no wise either prudent or just, nor do they know aught of death or black fate, which verily is near at hand for them, that they shall all perish in a day.

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But go thou now to the house and join the company of the wooers; make ready stores, and bestow all in vessels— [] wine in jars, and barley meal, the marrow of men, in stout skins;—but I, going through the town, will quickly gather comrades that go willingly. And ships there are full many in sea-girt Ithaca , both new and old; of these will I choose out for thee the one that is best, [] and quickly will we make her ready and launch her on the broad deep.

He found there the proud wooers in the halls, [] flaying goats and singeing swine in the court. All these things the Achaeans will surely provide for thee—the ship and chosen oarsmen—that with speed thou mayest go to sacred Pylos to seek for tidings of thy noble father. Is it not enough, ye wooers, that in time past ye wasted many goodly possessions of mine, while I was still a child? But now that I am grown, [] and gain knowledge by hearing the words of others, yea and my spirit waxes within me, I will try how I may hurl forth upon your evil fates, either going to Pylos or here in this land.

For go I will, nor shall the journey be in vain whereof I speak, though I voyage in another's ship, since I may not be master of ship or oarsmen. He will bring men to aid him from sandy Pylos or even from Sparta , so terribly is he set upon it. Or he means to go to Ephyre, that rich land, to bring from thence deadly drugs, [] that he may cast them in the wine-bowl, and destroy us all. So would he cause us yet more labour; [] for we should have to divide all his possessions, and his house we should give to his mother to possess, and to him who should wed her.

Shut were [] the double doors, close-fitted; and there both night and day a stewardess abode, who guarded all in wisdom of mind, Eurycleia, daughter of Ops, son of Peisenor. Fill twelve jars and fit them all with covers, and pour me barley meal into well-sewn skins, [] and let there be twenty measures of ground barley meal. But keep knowledge hereof to thyself, and have all these things brought together; for at evening I will fetch them, when my mother goes to her upper chamber and bethinks her of her rest. For I am going to Sparta and to sandy Pylos [] to seek tidings of the return of my dear father, if haply I may hear any.

Whither art thou minded to go over the wide earth, [] thou who art an only son and well-beloved? But he hath perished far from his country, the Zeus-born Odysseus, in a strange land; and these men, so soon as thou art gone, will devise evil for thee hereafter, that thou mayest perish by guile, and themselves divide all these possessions. Nay, abide here in charge of what is thine; thou hast no need [] to suffer ills and go a wanderer over the unresting sea.

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But swear to tell naught of this to my dear mother until the eleventh or twelfth day shall come, [] or until she shall herself miss me and hear that I am gone, that she may not mar her fair flesh with weeping. But when she had sworn and made an end of the oath, straightway she drew for him wine in jars, [] and poured barley meal into well-sewn skins; and Telemachus went to the hall and joined the company of the wooers.

Then the goddess, flashing-eyed Athena, took other counsel. In the likeness of Telemachus she went everywhere throughout the city, and to each of the men she drew near and spoke her word, [] bidding them gather at even beside the swift ship. Furthermore, of Noemon, the glorious son of Phronius, she asked a swift ship, and he promised it to her with a ready heart. Now the sun set and all the ways grew dark.

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Then she drew the swift ship to the sea and [] put in it all the gear that well-benched ships carry. And she moored it at the mouth of the harbor, and round about it the goodly company was gathered together, and the goddess heartened each man. Then again the goddess, flashing-eyed Athena, took other counsel. She went her way to the house of divine Odysseus, [] and there began to shed sweet sleep upon the wooers and made them to wander in their drinking, and from their hands she cast the cups. But they rose to go to their rest throughout the city, and remained no long time seated, for sleep was falling upon their eyelids.

Come, let us go, that we may not long delay their journey. My mother knows naught hereof, nor the handmaids either: one only heard my word. So they brought and [] stowed everything in the well-benched ship, as the dear son of Odysseus bade. Then on board the ship stepped Telemachus, and Athena went before him and sat down in the stern of the ship, and near her sat Telemachus, while the men loosed the stern cables and themselves stepped on board, and sat down upon the benches. And Telemachus called to his men, and bade them lay hold of the tackling, and they hearkened to his call.

The mast of fir [] they raised and set in the hollow socket, and made it fast with fore-stays, and hauled up the white sail with twisted thongs of ox-hide.

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So the wind filled the belly of the sail, and the dark wave sang loudly about the stem of the ship as she went, and she sped over the wave accomplishing her way. So all night long and through the dawn the ship cleft her way. The Odyssey with an English Translation by A. Magdalena fears to stay near him, and Latour shares her fear. He and the notary stand armed guard over her all night.

Kit Carson comes and offers her refuge as an old friend of her family's.

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Latour is surprised to find that the legendary Carson is of slight build, but admires his humanity in wishing to take care of Magdalena. On the way back to Taos, Carson tells Latour how he feels about becoming a Catholic. When he was sick in California, the priests took care of him.

Although he was brought up to see priests as "rascals" and nuns as "bad women," Carson sees there is something in Catholicism after all. Carson cannot read or write, but he knows more geography than anyone. He takes Magdalena home to be taken care of by his wife.

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Investigators find the bodies of the people murdered by Buck Scales, who is hanged. When Latour returns from a trip to St. Louis, he brings five Sisters of Loretto to found a girls' school. Magdalena works for them, and regains her beauty and serenity. The Catholic themes of Death Comes for the Archbishop are no more prevalent than in this chapter. The Catholic Church believes that humanity is fallen from God's grace, as represented by Buck Scales, a degenerate killer of babies and travelers. Magdalena has been defiled by her association with Scales, but, like her New Testament namesake, Mary Magdalene, she has found redemption by abandoning her past and adopting a life of devotion with the Sisters of Loretto.

When he was three years old, bartenders were already mixing the drink in Tallahassee, Florida. His nephew's bar is still open in Manhattan today. The Only William was just a little more famous during his life than Harry or Jerry. Henry Ramos' bar staff moved to Mexico during Prohibition and opened a bar that is still there, and shaking his fizzes today. With a foreword by cocktailian Gary Regan, Spirituous Journey: A History of Drink, Book Two reminds readers that the world of spirits and drinks is more than just a shake, stir, or throw.

There's pride in a rich history, too.

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