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Essentially, this was a time when Star Wars movies were obsessed with looking back, teasing popular elements that fans had already seen in the original trilogy.

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While the movies were cashing in on nostalgia, BioWare decided to explore something else entirely with an expansive and original RPG. This is not a game about fathers and sons, masters and apprentices, or even Rebels and Imperials. The main villain is Darth Malak, who, at the start of the game, has already amassed an armada of Sith and soldiers to destabilise the Old Republic and scatter its Jedi contingent. The amnesiac player character wakes up aboard a Republic Ship, which is under attack from Malak. And from here, a truly fresh-feeling narrative unfolds. After the initial altercation on that aforementioned Republic spaceship, the player is paired up with a pilot named Carth Onasi.

Together, they escape the ship and end up on a city planet named Telos. A real sense of freedom becomes apparent, as the player is offered multiple ways to navigate every conversation, every mission and every moral dilemma. If you want your character to be a bad guy, you can be horrible to people and learn Dark Side skills like Force Lightning.

You can choose to find a sneaky way to achieve your goals, or you can embrace bloodletting and kill a bunch of people. The original KOTOR experience was different for each player because the game was so vast and choice-based. To be turned into a movie, you would need a screenwriter or two to hammer out one canonical chain of events. However, with the right writers tackling said script, an element of unpredictability and narrative freedom could remain.

The protagonist of the KOTOR movie could be an enigma, flitting between Light and Dark, with his true motivations — and his past - initially being unclear to the viewer. After decades of sinister Sith and righteous good guys, an unpredictable central character is exactly what the Star Wars film franchise needs.

Filmmakers have tried to veer away from the established tone: Gareth Edwards shot Rogue One as a gritty handheld-camera war movie, and Phil Lord and Chris Miller attempted to bring their loosey-goosey improvisational comedy skills to Solo. These are the things that make Star Wars , and they will need to remain in some form. It still feels like Star Wars, even though so much is fresh and unfamiliar.

This may not be a mission to destroy a Death Star or a Starkiller Base, but the similarities are sufficient to make KOTOR feel like it takes place in that same universe. If Lucasfilm did KOTOR into a film or three, there would be enough familiar elements to draw audiences in, and enough new stuff to stop them from getting bored. The central mission to learn about and locate the Star Forge takes the player to some familiar worlds Skywalker home planet Tatooine and Wookiee world Kashyyyk as well as some new ones: Manaan, which is inhabited by grumbly fish people, Korriban, home of a Sith temple, and Rakata Prime, a tropic planet which bears similarities to Scarif from Rogue One.

Across this journey, the player adds more characters to their party. The player character is also Force sensitive, and is constantly presented with chances to embrace the Dark Side. Rather than just showing Jedi as goodies and the Sith as baddies, it explores the idea that any character call fall to the Dark Side and that living in the middle is also an option. In terms of villains, as well as Malak, the player character clashes with gang lords, bounty hunters, tribe leaders, scaly politicians and various Sith apprentices while travelling the galaxy in search of clues. This was a brilliant expansion of the Star Wars character roster, and a film adaptation could serve a similar world-building purpose.

The first game is so vast, taking tens of hours to play through, that it could be split into three films. The protagonist wakes up with amnesia at the start of the first film and finally defeats Malak at the end of the third one. My power now has little influence, even in the Sacred Realm… namely, the Chamber of the Sages. Those days… they're long gone, anyways.

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If all the Sages are awakened, the Sage's Seal can contain all the evil power into the void of the Sacred Realm. I, Rauru, am one of the sages… and your power to fight with the sages makes you the Hero of Time, chosen by the Master Sword! Keep my spirit with you, and find the power of the other sages and add their might to your own! Rauru raised his arms, and there was a yellow flash as a golden medallion appeared in Link's hands.

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The Triumvirate received the Light Medallion! Rauru's courage seeps into them, making them stronger! Light surrounded them, and Rauru spoke one last message.

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Link checked his bag, and saw that she was right. His Deku shield, slingshot, and boomerang had long since rotted away, becoming a mushy pile of nutrients for the soil. The Hylian shield made a good replacement for the Deku shield, but the slingshot and boomerang was a loss. He stopped, then tensed. Link, his adventure having honed his senses, felt it too; someone was watching them. They turned back to the Pedestal of Time to see a young male with blood-red eyes and blond hair. He wore a tight purple and white outfit, along with the crest of the Sheikah, an eye with three triangles above it, and a teardrop below.

He looked at the Pedestal of Time. One in a deep forest… one on a high mountain… one under a vast lake… one within the House of the Dead… and one inside a Goddess of the Sand.

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Together, with the Hero of Time, the awakened ones will bind the evil and return the light of peace to the world… This is the legend of the temples passed down by my people, the Sheikah. He nodded to Julian. You must look for the five temples and awaken the five sages… one sage is waiting for the Time of Awakening in the Forest Temple.

The sage is a girl I'm sure you know very well. Sheik nodded.

Link paused, then nodded. He turned to go, but stopped and turned back around. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Legend of Zelda. In the magical land of Hyrule, there resides a Forbidden Forest. Inside the forest, there is a community of little children that never grow up. Among them is a young boy without a faerie. When a freak creature and a Faerie visits his home one normal day, he is sent hurtling into an adventure of epic proportions, which will determine the fate of the entire land Why does everything feel so proportionally wrong?

Even my voice is sounding wrong… he realized. Julian snorted. It's hopeless? The light faded around them, and the Triumvirate saw themselves back in the temple of Time. But Sheik had already disappeared. Arc 1: The Forbidden Forest 2. The Boy Without A Faerie 3. Dawn of the Triumvirate 6.

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Hyrule Castle 7. Princess Zelda 8. Arc 2: Day and Night, Sun and Moon 9. Death Mountain Back to the Forest Dodongo's Cavern A Magical Ability The Way to be a Warrior