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On bad days, I worried that if I lost at chess the people who beat me would smirk or ignore me. But instead nothing changed, which was kind of a great lesson itself.

I'm trying to learn to care less about achievements outside of things that go on my transcript. I guess a lot of teenagers go through this, understanding when to embrace technology and when to step back. Moments of connection and mock competitiveness sprinkled across the day is relief in a world of high school teachers crying because the current political climate is just too much, and where on earth will I go to college?

A few weeks after Orphan Andy's, at a Hitchcock movie marathon with 10 guys, including my boyfriend, somewhere around the fourth film, we started playing phone chess with each other. Yes, all at the same time. Around 11 o'clock I had to leave, because I'm that kid with the lame curfew.

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But this time when I got home, tired and happy, I wasn't lonely. I played Chess Time until I fell asleep.

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In Just 4 Hours, Google's AI Mastered All The Chess Knowledge in History

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Rhett Allain. Christopher Ryan. In a series of games against Stockfish, AlphaZero won 25 games while playing as white with first mover advantage , and picked up three games playing as black. The rest of the contests were draws, with Stockfish recording no wins and AlphaZero no losses. This algorithm could run cities, continents, universes.

It can learn whatever it determines is optimal, which may indeed be more nuanced that our own conceptions of the same.

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But things are moving so fast in this field that already the October accomplishment may have been outmoded. It also plays Shogi aka Japanese chess and Go too — and, perhaps unsurprisingly, it only took two and eight hours respectively to master those games as well. Creative Commons. Not just that, you can challenge the artificial intelligence of the board too.

Yes, Square Off is here to bring back those charming old days when people played chess on classic tangible boards. Felt chess from their heart, indulged in the luxury of playing with wooden boards and handcrafted chess pieces. Where on one hand, it has revived the classic charisma of chess, on the other hand, Square Off has also made it smarter, automated and super fun. Want to play a game of chess with someone who is as passionate? What if that person is sitting far away?

Still possible. Square Off mode: Challenge anybody, from anywhere in the world. You can either play board vs board or board vs app. The chess pieces shall move on their own, reflecting every move of your opponent. Training mode: Play against the artificial intelligence of the board that can challenge you with 20 different difficulty levels. Live streaming mode: Tune into any match, worldwide. It also lets you record those matches and replay them, whenever you want.

If above link doesn't work, click here for the press kit. It uses a compact 2 axis robotic arm with a magnetic head beneath the box to move the magnetic chess pieces. The AtMega chip with Bluetooth BLE ensures smooth communication with a smartphone, taking care of decrypting and execution. Compatible with both Android and iOS currently in beta operating systems, Square Off is designed as a user-friendly app. It lets you interact with the board effortlessly; it just takes a click to begin the game. But why an app? The idea is to keep the board button-free so that the users can enjoy the classic chess board experience.

Be it selecting sides black or white , difficulty levels, opening moves of computer, challenging friends, analyzing games, using the timer or chatting with the opponent this feature is being worked upon , everything is controlled through the app. Phone is connected to the board all the time via Bluetooth , allowing you to save an incomplete game. Currently, it works on Stockfish 7 which is one of the best open source chess engine and second engine is Cuckoo Chess, which is suitable for beginners. We plan to offer more chess engines in the future. He wanted us to design a chessboard for the visually impaired.

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We, being board game lovers ourselves, simply dived in to explore the possibilities. We researched tirelessly to finally arrive at a design. We started participating in various technical paper presentations and national level tech competitions to earn the prize money, just to create the prototype.

What's inside a Magic Chess Board?

Gradually we gathered sufficient money to design our first prototype in And guess what? It worked.

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The Chairman of NAB who was visually impaired himself, tested the prototype and loved playing on it. We showcased this prototype in many national exhibitions and got a great response. But, on 3rd October, , for the first time we got an opportunity to present our prototype in front of an international audience in Maker Faire, Rome. This was the real turning point. The tremendous response and exhaustive feedback helped us realise that the board has the potential to connect the entire world. So, the moment we returned, we were driven to work harder.

We created 4 more prototypes and visited several events to get as much feedback as possible. We are board game lovers, but not exactly pro chess players. From the very beginning, we were dedicated to bring alive the features requested by the users. More opportunities flowed in.