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The first poem I am going to examine is "digging" by Seamus Heaney.

They are creative and enthusiastic. Yes, I use cell nearly all day long. In the evening I am absolutely detached from my professional world. I try to use my time in creativity. I started writing on writers of the Facebook, particularly the young generation of writers. Loved to write on them. But for the last one year so bogged down. SH: Would you mention some of your poems that will establish your identity as a poet? RB: Yes.. But I love them all. You may take for example:. Legend Says Legend says, When you cannot sleep at night You may be lost in someone's dream Legend says, When memory is liquid like milk Sorrow is its delicious cream.

Legend says, When you cannot walk alone Your hand may be in a good friend's hand Legend says, When you do not see the rivers They are lost in the sand. SH: What, according to you is a good poem? RB: A good poem is one which touches the deepest chord of your heart and stirs the inside of your head. It is a perfect head and heart matter, dear.

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You yourself a poet might have felt it. SH: What is your message to the emerging poets? RB: I myself am struggling to be a poet. How can I pass messages to others. Yes I am picking pebbles on the seashore of poetry.

The ocean is far beyond. SH:You are a seasoned journalist. RB: Yes, I had a penchant for journalism. I used to practice journalism since my college days, say s. I took interview of great political and poetical personality. I used to move in the streets of Guwahati and Kolkata for taking interviews and for writing articles.

SH: What influenced you to write poetry? RB: My family had a penchant for writing poetry. My grandfather was poetic, my father is a crazy soul for poetic expressions. I was very much moved by Mayakovosky and Sukanta. I had a photograph of my young age in which I posed as Sukanta. So much I liked his simplicity of language and the revolutionary urge. But I was surprised to know that Sukanto was a romantic at the beginning of his poetic career.

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I want to translate them. At one time I became a fan of the great Spanish poet Lorca. SH: We know you are a famous short story writer. Would you tell us about your popular book named, Chotoder Choto Galpo a collection of short stories for children? RB: Not famous, but yes, I am basically a Bengali writer. I used to write stories for many many years. Hope to translate some of them.

The Chotoder Choto Galpo is written for a series of stories in a newspaper. Every week I had to submit a story for the paper. This way the book came up. But the publisher was a cheat. I got no royalty for the book and the book is not found any more in print. I will be happy if any publisher comes up to do reprint or republish them. They were sold well in the Book Fair. Would you tell us a bit about this book?

RB: Yes, this book was really very good. It was taken twice by Rammohan Foundation. The book tells us about all the writers of the Western World in the first part.

e-book Melodies and Maladies : A Bouquet of Love Poems (Poetry of Ratan Bhattacharjee Book 1)

In the second part of the book I focused on the scientific reflections of the great writers and poet. Without scientific outlook, one cannot be a great writer. The hills want to be a mountain. What does it mean? He wrote this poem after meeting Einstein. Interesting explanation I gave nah? I thought this way. You may differ. SH: Sir, you are a novelist, all we know. RB: You also know about this book.. Yes, a novella in Bengali.

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A fantastic novel it was. Would you share with us about your meeting with Mahesh Dattani Sir. RB: Yes, I have a dream about it.

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    Future days, researchers will be able to study here and do their research. It will take some more time to organize. SH: We know that you are also a film critic. How many articles have you written on the topic? RB: Very few.