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"Learn the Bible in 24 Hours" Bible Study

Using precise details, Dr. Missler compiled this overview of the bible after many years of in-depth research. Learn the Bible in 24 Hours is a book for both novice and well-trained bible scholars.

It provides a strategic grasp of prophecy that equips you to clearly see the 'prophetic moment' of current events. Chuck Missler, founder of Koinonia House, analyzes trends on the geopolitical and technological horizons as well as their implications for the coming years.

Chuck Missler’s most popular series is a lasting legacy to the prolific Bible teacher.

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Children's Books. Chuck states in the first session that you can't possibly Learn the Bible in 24 Hours , however, continues on to present what's widely considered one of the most informative overviews of the entire Bible in 24 one hour sessions.

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Are you ready for a detailed yet thoroughly enjoyable study of the most profound book ever written? Using sound scientific facts, historical analysis, and Biblical narrative, acclaimed teacher Dr. Examine the heroic tales of Exodus, the lasting wisdom of Proverbs, or even the enigmatic imagery of Revelation with the simple, Scripturally sound insights and fresh perspectives found in Learn the Bible in 24 Hours.

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Missler combines his life-long love of Bible teaching with more than thirty successful years in the business world and a distinguished military career to bring you this unique perspective for attaining Biblical knowledge. In just twenty-four hours you can have a rock-solid foundation for a lifetime of spiritual enrichment.

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