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Night Nurse. This info is sourced from our readers and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Seek the advice of a health professional before using cannabis for a medical condition. Medical Insomnia.

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Reviews Night Nurse is a great strain to induce sleep and treat pain. It leaves you with a totally relaxed, almost floating feeling. Pain melts away with this one. Would recommend to treat pain and insomnia. This is a godsend of a strain for insomniacs and people looking for a good night's rest.

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Smooth finish, pleasant taste, and the effects seem to begin peaking around 30 min, but the duration is much longer, around 2 hours. The strain is highly sedative so not one recommended for recreational activiti Love this strain. Suffer from insomnia and this has helped so much more than any other strain I have tried. Again he attempts to escape, this time by disguising himself as a nurse.

With freedom in sight, Arbuckle runs into Keaton, who believes Arbuckle to be an actual woman and begins to flirt with him. Arbuckle goes along with it so as not to blow his cover. The nurse whose uniform Arbuckle is wearing soon arrives, blowing his cover. Arbuckle makes a break for it, pursued by Keaton across a farm and onto a track where a sponsored race is taking place. Arbuckle manages to beat the other runners to the finish line and is declared the winner.

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He is awarded the prize money, which he realizes he can use to buy alcohol, but the doctors track him down once again. Arbuckle attempts to run off one last time, but is wrestled to the ground by the doctors. The scene suddenly shifts back to the hospital bed with the doctors shaking Arbuckle awake after his operation, revealing the whole escape attempt to have been nothing more than a dream.

Like many American films of the time, Good Night, Nurse! For example, the Chicago Board of Censors cut, in Reel 1, Arbuckle kicking woman, Arbuckle putting foot on woman's posterior, and Arbuckle pulling dress off woman and exposing her figure.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the short film. For the punk band, see Goodnight Nurse. The theater and cinema of Buster Keaton. Princeton University Press.

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Go ask Adam Sandler if you don't believe me. There's always room for lowbrow comedy. A better question would be, could Arbuckle make the move to features and sustain a full-length plot. I have a feeling that he would have figured out a way.


All that aside, I quite enjoyed this amusing little short. I agree that things pick up when Arbuckle gets to the sanitarium, but I laughed at the opening scenes of Arbuckle trying to light his cigarette in the rain. As an ex-smoker I can attest that we've all been there.

I do agree with Eric that the most outright funny scene in the entire short is when Keaton is flirting with Arbuckle in drag. The way they smile and tease each other is priceless. The scene is capped by the hurt expression on Keaton's face when Arbuckle manhandles him like a doll, tossing him across the hallway. Yes, it's very lowbrow and quite silly, but it made me laugh almost years after it was made. That has to say something about it. Good Night, Nurse! Like Scott I laughed at Arbuckle's attempts to light a cigarette in the rain see photo.

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  • I also chuckled when he helps his fellow drunkard get home by writing his address on his shirt, pasting stamps to his forehead and placing him on top of a mailbox. It really hits its stride, though, after Arbuckle arrives at the No Hope Sanitarium. The hysterical female inmate that runs screaming from her room and leaps on Arbuckle cracked me up.

    Later she convinces Arbuckle to help her escape only to reveal that she is indeed insane by asking him to help her get back inside.