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Family familiar play. Sandy beach stretching far,.

Gulls scavenger hunt together;. Feasting family familiarity. Lone beach, break ocean surf. Calm sea by flow of wind,. Let It Bloom. Bring it on, be bold, Reach out… beyond yourself.

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The power lies within, Convey the love inside, Love, you keep contained. The fragrance not released. Held tight, rejection feared. Love unknown by other, Unnourished by expression. Never shall be known, When feelings not exposed. Shy love bound… released, To see it free or not to feel, If to be… all will see, Together, love buds blooming.

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Nothing is ever free,. Somewhere, somehow,. He Loves Her. A man loves his wife, so dear and true,. Love expressed producing so much,. He feels left out, as though in the way.

The promise made, the vows expressed,. He desires the intimacy, which once was shared. He sees not true love, but only the void,. He does not see, that he really wants Her. A temptation flits by it troubles the heart,.

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Others devastate lives, with meaningless fairs. He examines his heart, and commitment made,. It is truly his bride, of his heart that tempts. The commitment made, for better, for worse,. Love may not be easy, the alternate worse. My love, my love,. It is you I love. With you only,. I wish to share. It is with you,. No other I pursue,. Temptation a thought,.

No strange love for me,. Unto you my love,. My heart bound by love,. Do you understand,. To you only be myself,. I desire no one else. Sweet thing,. How I love you so. My eyes find favour,. Have I failed?

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Valentines Day,. A day to break,. Valentine to you,. If I so fail to say,. I love you every day. Falling in love,. Only a friend,. I tried to fight,. A friend so true,.

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I wished to be;. Friends we cannot be,. Your presence,. My thoughts of you,. Into my eyes to see,. I hope you feel it too,. Falling, falling,. When just friends we were,. Your presence sweet,.

Conversing about your dreams,. Now my heart it pounds within,. Just to hear your voice again,.

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They say no gain without the pain,. It feels so great to love you so,. Maybe it be me the key,. Courage must be to tell you, so…. Love, Love Not. Petal by petal, to pluck the flower. Do not know if love or not. The petals cannot future see,. Time and prayer to foresee,. A lifetime match by God alone,. Let the flower stay intact,. Whimsy notion in the blooming,.