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Euphoria by Lily King - Part 1 - Audiobook

We could see our grid in chalk on university blackboards. It felt like we were putting a messy disorganized unlabeled world in order.

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So intense is this communal labor, and the thrill of new apprehension, that the physical romance that follows is almost beside the point. In any case, neither the love affair nor the theory is meant to be. But at that moment the place feels entirely yours.

Emily Eakin, a former senior editor at The New Yorker, is writing a book about contemporary medical culture. The story of Kat Barbie Ferreira features the degrading loss of her virginity, followed by a foray into cam-work that the series questionably suggests could be empowering. But the show also has a clear, meta grasp of how influential works of pop culture can be.

Levinson even stages his locker-room scene as an inverted homage to the opening sequence of Carrie , which lingers pruriently and uncomfortably on the fully naked bodies of teenage girls. Trolling the Family Research Council with graphic scenes of underage sex, violence, and drug use is easy to do.

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Then, shortly afterward, we see a flashback to her near-fatal overdose. We see the horror and confusion on her sister's face as she finds her older sibling. We see Rue's mother break down in tears as her daughter takes a drug test Rue has strapped a Visine bottle of her friend's clean urine to her leg to pass. And that's the window—through Rue's perspective—that we see the world of Gen Z. Rue is self-aware about her own behavior, and she's—for lack of a better term—woke about what happens to herself and her peers.

The Dark Teen Show That Pushes the Edge of Provocation

This is a show that sets out to understand a younger generation, rather than to simply get some intrusive pleasure out of watching their self-destructive behavior. This isn't about re-living the wilder days of youth, this is about understanding the world that we've wrought for our children. Where Skins and Degrassi were simply over-the-top scandalous shows designed for escapist drama, Euphoria exists with a point to make about the struggles and dangers of teenage life, and the greater social issues of our society.

Culled from the actual experiences of creator Sam Levinson, the show seeks out realism, while also analyzing these scenarios through Rue's teenage perspective, which is surprisingly moral given her many bad decisions. As far as I could tell—a decade removed from being a teen myself— Euphoria accurately captures a social existence defined by texting, by dating apps, by PornHub, by dick pics, and nude selfies.

And it does this while also inviting different perspectives into the conversation. Our heroine is a young woman of color.

Euphoria, Order and Chaos (Part 1)

We also see the experience of a young trans woman named Jules Hunter Schafer , who befriends Rue at the end of Episode One. A scene in which she's raped by an older man she met on a dating app is deeply and profoundly difficult to watch.

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In fact, straight white men are predominately the villains of this story—the ones who ushered in this hell world for another generation. Visually, Euphoria is incredible, from dramatic lighting, to gorgeous sweeping shots of teens on bikes, to busy and disorienting parties.

Euphoria - Part 1, Chapters 1 - 3 Summary & Analysis

It captures the confusion and, yes, euphoria of drug-induced escapism. And while Zendaya's Rue is effortlessly cool, she never seems to be the one glamorizing her behavior. Euphoria is responsible enough to show the effects of this behavior. This is more of a horror than it is a drama.