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And you should see their timelapses. They generously agreed to give me direct advice using the gear I have available, and then helped turn the raw photos into something usable through Photoshop which is another area of dark wizardry. Our shooting location had pretty dark skies, but it was earlier in the evening, and there was some light pollution off to the southern skies.

Northern lights over Iceland filmed by Icelandic photographer Oli Haukur using a drone. I knew the era of real-time northern lights video was upon us.

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What was I thinking? You might notice at the same time a flash of light — this is from the lighthouse beacon seen earlier in the video. Remember when ISO or was as far you dared to go before the image turned to a grainy mush? Last year Canon released a camera that can literally see in the dark with a top ISO over 4,,! Haukur plans additional shoots this winter and early next spring. Am I allowed one tiny criticism? Officially launched in , this program has been focused on three major goals: characterizing the climate and geology of Mars, looking for signs of past life, and preparing the way for human crews to explore the planet.

And in the coming years, the Mars rover will be deployed to the Red Planet and become the latest in a long line of robotic rovers sent to the surface. The mission is scheduled to launch in July of aboard an Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral in Florida, at a point when Earth and Mars are at opposition. At this time, the planets will be on the same side of the Sun and making their closest approach to each other in four years, being just But whereas these and other members of the Mars Exploration Program were searching for evidence that Mars once had liquid water on its surface and a denser atmosphere i.

The design of the rover also incorporates several successful features of Curiosity. But it will also have several upgraded instrument on board that allow for a new guidance and control technique. In this respect, Mars will help pave the way for a crewed mission to the Red Planet, which NASA hopes to mount sometime in the s. In terms of hazards, the probe will be looking at Martian weather patterns, dust storms, and other potential environmental conditions that will affect human astronauts living and working on the surface.

It will also test out a method for producing oxygen from the Martian atmosphere and identifying sources of subsurface water as a source of drinking water, oxygen, and hydrogen fuel. This assessment includes the cost of launch services, processing costs for the spacecraft and its power source, launch vehicle integration and tracking, data and telemetry support.

The use of spare parts has also meant reduced expenditure on the overall mission. This and the Mars rover will be the latest in a long line of orbiters, rovers and landers that are seeking to unlock the mysteries of the Red Planet and prepare it for human visitors!

My 1st up-close look of the gas-giant world was a success! EDT a. It passed merely 2, miles 4, kilometers above the turbulent clouds of the biggest planet in our solar system during its initial And apparently everything proceeded as the science and engineering team leading the mission to the gas giant had planned. Additional up-close high resolution imagery of the Jovian atmosphere, swirling cloud tops and north and south poles snapped by JunoCam will be released in the coming weeks, perhaps as soon as next week. We need to take our time to make sure our conclusions are correct.

The team did release an approach image taken by JunoCam on Aug.

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One additional long period orbit is planned. The main engine will fire again in October to reduce the orbit to the 14 day science orbit. It explored the Jovian system until The movie begins on June 12th with Juno 10 million miles from Jupiter, and ends on June 29th, 3 million miles distant. The innermost moon is volcanic Io; next in line is the ice-crusted ocean world Europa, followed by massive Ganymede, and finally, heavily cratered Callisto.

Galileo observed these moons to change position with respect to Jupiter over the course of a few nights. Earth was not the center of the Universe. The vessel was jam packed with some 1. The parachute assisted splashdown of the Dragon CRS-9 cargo freighter took place at a.

It was loaded with more than 3, pounds of NASA cargo and critical research samples and technology demonstration samples accumulated by the rotating six person crews of astronauts and cosmonauts living and working aboard the orbiting research laboratory. It arrived at the station on July 20 ferrying over 2. Dragon was launched on July 18 during a mesmerizing post midnight, back-to-back liftoff and landing of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in its upgraded, full thrust version.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 blasted off at a. The dramatic ground landing of the foot tall Falcon 9 first stage at LZ -1 took place about 9 minutes after liftoff. It marked only the second time a spent, orbit class booster has touched down intact and upright on land. Dragon then backed away and moved to a safe distance from the station via a trio of burns using its Draco maneuvering thrusters.

The de-orbit burn was conducted at a. SpaceX contracted recovery crews hauled Dragon aboard the recovery ship and are transporting it to a port near Los Angeles, where some time critical cargo items and research samples will be removed and returned to NASA for immediate processing. SpaceX plans to move Dragon back to the firms test facility in McGregor, Texas, for further processing and to remove the remaining cargo cache.

Among the wealth of over pounds kg of research investigations loaded on board Dragon was an off the shelf instrument designed to perform the first-ever DNA sequencing in space and the first international docking adapter IDA that is absolutely essential for docking of the SpaceX and Boeing built human spaceflight taxis that will ferry our astronauts to the International Space Station ISS in some 18 months.

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During a spacewalk last week on Aug. Other science experiments on board included OsteoOmics to test if magnetic levitation can accurately simulate microgravity to study different types of bone cells and contribute to treatments for diseases like osteoporosis, a Phase Change Heat Exchanger to test temperature control technology in space, the Heart Cells experiments that will culture heart cells on the station to study how microgravity changes the human heart, new and more efficient three-dimensional solar cells, and new marine vessel tracking hardware known as the Automatic Identification System AIS that will aid in locating and identifying commercial ships across the globe.

It weighs lbs kg , measures about 42 inches tall and sports an inside diameter of 63 inches in diameter — so astronauts and cargo can easily float through.

The outer diameter measures about 94 inches. Being stuck here on Earth, at the bottom of this enormous gravity well really sucks. The amount of energy it takes to escape into the black would make even Captain Reynolds curse up a gorram storm. There are special places in the Universe, where the forces of gravity nicely balance out.

Places that a clever and ambitious Solar System spanning civilization could use to get a toehold on the exploration of the Universe. He was actually extending the mathematics of Leonhard Euler. Casey Kevin J. Stephano Don Henderson Killian Ian McNeice King Jack Shepherd Dysart Michael Lerner The Warden Ernie Hudson Hawkins Russell Kiefel Iceman Brian M.

Scab Cheuk-Fai Chan Skull Machs Colombani Ratman David Argue Edit Storyline Robbins is sentenced to prison for the assassination of his general officer, a prison you leave only when you die. Taglines: No guards.

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No walls. No escape. Language: English. Runtime: min.

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Sound Mix: Dolby Digital. Color: Color Eastmancolor. Edit Did You Know? This is, in fact, incorrect. The Finns used this incendiary weapon to great affect against the Soviets and gave it the name the "Molotov Cocktail" as an insult directed towards the Soviet foreign minister, Vyacheslav Molotov.

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No one named Sergei was involved in the making of the weapon. Quotes Casey : [ Chopper flies over head ] Supply drop. It's for the outsiders.